Talks are held at Mersea Museum:

2 November 2013

A Golden celebration party at MICA, recognising that the Society had been in existence for 50 years.

5 November 2013

The AGM followed by a talk by the Practice Manager of the Doctors’ SUrgery

February 2014

Our speaker was Rebecca Perry from Colchester Zoo.  This was very apt as following our “Golden Year” the zoo was celebrating its own fifty years of history.  You will recall the number of giraffe statues dotted around Colchester proclaiming this milestone.  Rebecca gave a very interesting talk on the history and current invaluable conservation work carried out with other zoos around the world.

March 2014

The next talk was of local interest with Julia Russell Grant showing slides of paintings by her father Archie White, undertaken when sailing the family in his boat around the local coast.

October 2014

The subject matter of this talk was of importance to all of us as Christine Cheetham spoke of her job as First Responder and gave an insight into the ambulance service and its problems.  What could have been a very serious, possibly depressing evening was made both very interesting and humorous.

November 2014

The final talk of the year was given by Julia Wade who outlined her work using music as a form of therapy treatment for both young people with inherent problems and victims of stroke.  This very interesting talk invoked numerous questions.

February 2015

John Duerden gave a talk on the Friends of West Mersea Parish Church.

March 2015

Tony Corbey, a Mersea resident, gave a talk entitled My fascinating life.